When you talk driveways There is so much to consider. Three main ones are: BASE/ ASPHALT MIX and VEHICLE WEIGHT




You should always have atleast 10 to 12 inchs of A-GRAVEL  in any driveway,or areas,were base is more wet/soft ,not all areas are the same when it comes to the ground some have more clay and  some may just generally be more wet making the ground soft in these cases we  use a different mix to make a good solid base

Certain areas have water tables(beds of water underneath the ground), clay even roots from trees every job is different from another,Even neighbours water,you may have good solid ground to work with but your neighbour may have water problems which could cause yours and their driveway to sink.We make it right and explain to the customers. 

 Companys will use a fine mix and not care about the customer ,if it is a heavy vehicle being parked on the driveway, often it results in dips, ruts and cracking sinking spots the reason for this is because of mix they used for your base, and improper packing or rolling  can have a negative end result.

Even with a light vehicle with a fine or HL3 ,somtimes HL4 when it's 27 plus out you  still will get trun marks,Indentations,And known as facial marks when new. 

 Alot of the public look at driveways like commercial and road work,And ask why can't they drive on and park on it.They use two layers,most times on fresh side steets and roads they do 1st layer then let sit for a 6 months to a year then pave with a second layer,Use a tire roller and 10 ton to 20 ton rollers for good compation,Where most small paving companys use 1.5 to 3 ton rollers and we use lighter mix and one layer in most cases

There are many different grades of asphalt for many projects,ranging from fine to coarse

If you have a good existing driveway with minimal problems,you can use a blend that is called or known as fine or driveway mix,but if you live in a wet area Or have anything bigger then a 1/2 ton truck or if there is trailer or other type  vehicle you should be using a HL 3 and up if letting sit on driveway.For wet areas you may want to consider 2 layers one HL4  and other HL8 With that said and first layer in being that coarse you might be able to use driveway mix or HL3 on the top.